Sunday, July 6, 2008

what's the delio kanye?

fo real now.

i really knew nothing about kanye west until i went to bonnaroo last month and heard everyone talking of the kanye west fiasco. rumors of what happened the night before filled the campground on sunday. everything from "he said he wouldn't go on stage unless phil (lesh) got off stage" to "he wasn't even here until 4am". i almost felt a little sorry for him.

fast forward to the day before yesterday when i picked up a miami new times and saw the above advertisement in the first couple of pages. wtf?! i totally don't get it. i even went as far as going to the website and i still don't get it. maybe that is the entire intention. there's even an infomercial on youtube. maybe it's because i don't have tv and don't get pelted with advertising and pop culture and thus don't have a clue.

can anyone enlighten me?

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