Monday, July 21, 2008

i want you!

i know you all want input into what i post on this here blog. so... now's your chance!

check the sidebar and vote!

what's it gonna be?

--more recipes?
--more adventures in the life of mufyn?
--more kanye?
--(less kanye?)




Anonymous said...

hi mufyn,

i would like to see more recipes. my name is leslie, and i love your blog btw (in fact, i'll be linking to it when i finish this post). but i say recipes, because my current struggle is returning to a vegetarian lifestyle (its a glorious struggle-fun in the process :) and id love to see more recipes of creative things i can cook to help with the transition! (my biggest weakness is lamb-- i've given up pork. and red meats, essentially-- except the lamb gaaahhh) lol.

but anywho, you have a really cute shop, i love the threads and the theme, definitely things i support! and you seem to love folk music as much as i do! lol
its been fun, and thanks!

one love,

Anonymous said...

oh and hells yeea to less kanye im not a fan; never been.

Returnables said...

More you! (Was that an answer?)

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