Monday, June 26, 2006

It's our Etsy-versary!

Today is Mamadelic's one year Etsy-versary!

One year ago Mona and I were debating whether or not to open an Ebay store. Once we found out the cost and fees involved we knew it was not the direction we wanted to go. After all, our handmade goodies would be being sold right next to stuff made in factories. We wished for a marketplace like the dreaded Ebay that would sell only handmade things and so the guys at Etsy heard our plea and created Etsy just for us! (ok.. well, maybe not just for us.. but we like to think so!)

Come celebrate with us!

Ragamufyn's Etsy-versary was on the 24th!

Celebrate with her too!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mamadelic's Groovy $5 Pendant Special of the Week

Where's Andrae? What Happened to Andrae?

Do you love Project Runway as much as we do?

Fabulous pendants feature Tim Gunn and the words we all love him to hear him say... "Where's Andrae? What Happened to Andrae? Andrae... would you like to go to Red Lobster with me?"

I'm working on some more featuring Santino and another one featuring Tim Gunn. How fabulous is that?

What Happened to Andrae anyway?
If you musy know.. he's got his own website here
There's nothing really up there yet. Hopefully he will get it updated soon.

You can also check him out on MySpace if you are an addict like myself.

--Heather (aka ragamufyn)

ps. you can find us on MySpace here at

Owls have attacked

I've been doing a bunch of hand appliqued things lately. Here are a few available in our store now!

Thanks for looking!

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