Monday, March 2, 2009

brand new listing

the headline says it all! i've got brand new listings in my etsy store.

let me tell you about them.

the moustaches are here!
i've finally fired my last firing on the moustaches, got all my findings together and had time to put them together while the little little and i were having movie time.

they grow up so quickly

little man stache
the stache
all the cool guys had them... burt reynolds, tom selleck, ron jeremy, freddie mercury, zappa(well he actually had a little something extra), and porn stars from the 70's. (wait. so did my dad.)
...and now so can you!

they are the perfect disguise to keep away unwanted attention.
when faced with seeing someone in the street who you would rather not talk to simply move it into position and you will be completely unrecognizable to even your closest friends and family.

i've also just listed some new clothing hot out of the ragamufyn laboratory.

sweater dress... u p c y c l e d!
sparkly sweater dress... u p c y c l e d
i took a vintage sparkly sweater and turned it into this schexy litle number

super ORANGE power... numero dos
super orange power ...numero dos
this one is technically not brand new but, it has never been in my etsy store. i've got a similar one of my own and wear it all the time.

flowers and vines dress
flowers and vines dress
this is one of my newest styles that you will be seeing lots more of. i've got lots more on their way!



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