Thursday, June 22, 2006

Where's Andrae? What Happened to Andrae?

Do you love Project Runway as much as we do?

Fabulous pendants feature Tim Gunn and the words we all love him to hear him say... "Where's Andrae? What Happened to Andrae? Andrae... would you like to go to Red Lobster with me?"

I'm working on some more featuring Santino and another one featuring Tim Gunn. How fabulous is that?

What Happened to Andrae anyway?
If you musy know.. he's got his own website here
There's nothing really up there yet. Hopefully he will get it updated soon.

You can also check him out on MySpace if you are an addict like myself.

--Heather (aka ragamufyn)

ps. you can find us on MySpace here at

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