Tuesday, July 29, 2008

back to my roots

mufyn stamp!

this has been a summer of going back to my roots.

i studied pottery in college and thought that was how i would spend my days. however, i got a little sidetracked and making clothing and accessories took over. so now i'm back to let you know i can really shake 'em down..... er.. uh... i mean... to let you see some of my new ceramic goodness.

above is one of my new signature stamps (or signets as i like to call them). they will be stamped on all of my new ceramic work with or with out my written signature. i haven't decided yet. so stay tuned cuz i've got a whole lot of ceramic goodness coming your way.

there's lots more pictures on my flickr

and for a peek into my pottery past check out this spot for some of my old work.



Anonymous said...

that's pretty cool! yea i know the feeling about not following what you set out on with regards to the college bandwagon-- my path sort of veered towards the unblazed trail of indie crafts. (i guess i got tired of politics with my poli sci major; i am enough of an activist already so the degree comes in handy, but i love following where my heart and my spirit lead me!) good luck on your path-- and just remember the road less travelled is always the most rewarding ;)

one love,

Beat Black said...

killer stamp!

Its funny cause I've also been sidetracked but its the opposite of you. I went to school for fashion and now I'm playing with polymer clay! Hopefully I'll get back at it like you are.

Leslie said...

Cool stamp! What is it made of? Do you do personal stamps? About how much would they run if ya did? lol Just askin ya know....

oh oh!! the lanterns of love are my fav! Your pendants rock too though!

Merqury said...

Thats cool stamp. I think you just created your trademark here. Next is get a copyright. Welcome to real business.


QueenofQueens said...

Woo-hoo! The oil lamps are gorgeous and the pendants are super cute! More please!


ragamufyn said...

thanks everyone! i'm having so much fun playing in the mud!
may you walk the path you only thought lived in your dreams!

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