Saturday, July 5, 2008

sunday crafternoon

i spent last weekend with some of miami's craftiest ladies as part of the miami artisans guild's sunday crafternoon. beanblossom was the host and chose the project of the day.

recycled shoe art.

i restyled these yummy leather boots. they will be sold in the mag etsy store in the near future and all of the proceeds will go to charity.

created with:
old leather boots
acrylic paint
martha stewart glitter

first off i painted the bottom section with red paint.while that was drying i found perhaps the most fabulous turquoise iridescent paint in the whole entire world and started in on the upper boot. i really didn't look too closely at what the pattern was up there i just started painting. back to the bottom section again... i used some sort of flexible mod podgeish type stuff but it wasn't mod podge... it was something else.... and sprinkled them with a lovely and ultra fine red glitter by martha stewart. lastly, i added some dots to the upper turquoise paint in just a shade lighter turquoise than the rest of the design. i don't think i'm done yet. they seem to need just a little bit more. i'm thinking swarovski crystals up the side and something flashy all the way around the bottom where the glitter meets the sole.

more photos on my flickr.



GwynnsGifts said...

Those boots look fantastic. Very nice job.

Returnables said...

Better than what I would have done with them!

Athena said...

Those boots are fabulous!

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