Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Recycled Sweater Wrap

hooray for threadheads inspiration!

i watched this video the other day and became completely inspired to make some yummy tops myself!

i had a performance sewing gig last weekend and thought it would be the perfect experience to break out the bag of dumpster finds (and yes, i washed them first).

i was sewing up a storm having the most fabulous time as people would come by to see what was happening. as one wonderous wrap creation came off the machine, someone would try it on and parade it around the party. it was fabulous and i made sales right then and there.

these pictures show one that i just made this afternoon out of an off the shoulder sweater from american eagle(i think?). i cut it at the waist, cut it up the front and chopped the sleeves off with a little curve so it would be more tank style. i added patches and used black jersey for the waist ties. the first picture shows before i decided on a closure for the top. i didn't think it looked right without it and i was happy with the way it all turned out.

if you are in the chicago area you can find this top and more for sale at the midwest yoga conference in the i love yoga booth.

here's some before and after shots of a few more of the tops that came out of last weekend's festivities.

this ugly/ginormous/holidayish sweater turns into a chic zen top.

this nasty/gold/sparkley mock turtleneck got a new life!

i think don't think i've ever seen a larger purple chenille turtleneck.




Anonymous said...

How frickin' crazy! I saw that video about a week ago and was fascinated. Went to watch it again last night and got so bummed because my machine took a crap on me and I can't make one by hand by the time I have to leave for Bonnaroo in less than two weeks. How frustrating. Love your work Mufyn! Here's sending you some more love....

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that Namaste wrap! Are you going to be selling these on Etsy?

ragamufyn said...


they are up at the midwest yoga conference in chicago this weekend but yes! i will be selling them on etsy if i can ever keep them in stock!

LazyTcrochet said...

Great designs! Thanks for showing that video too. You rock! I want a serger!

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