Friday, May 2, 2008

having a panty fixation

as it turns out, my panty fixation has turned into something more.

it all started one day when i was tired of my underpants (hehehe) and decided to try my hand at making my own panties. why not?! i make practically everything else.

so i got down to it. i picked through my stash, found the perfect knits, drafted a pattern and voila! panties! they were marvelous.....

but then......

i thought well, hey. if i just cut them a bit more generous a girl could totally rock these on so many different occasions. just think..... with a cape and some pink fishnets. at the beach, yoga class, well, pretty much anywhere in miami. it really wouldn't surprise me to see them walking down the aisle of my nearest publix.

after all that thought i knew i needed to complete the outfit with a matching yoga bra top.

it's hot. and should be available soon at the local store or my etsy store or maybe both.


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