Wednesday, May 21, 2008

flippin' gorgeous day!

leslie and i spent a completely gorgeous morning at a friend's beach house. i have a new appreciation for the atlantic ocean.

we thought we saw dolphins but then found out they were actually tarpon (thank goodness we didn't try and go swimming with them)

the water was so calm and clear we could see our toes! i felt like i was in the bahamas for a minute.

we stopped by the cooyah headquarters to see homer and the guys. they were swamped (as usual). we put ourselves to good use taking risque photos with the mannequins (not suitable for this blog ;o) )

then i saw something very disturbing...

headless children planters....
cuz someone thought it would be cute if there were planters in the miami neighborhoods that looked like headless children running around with plants stuffed in their chests?!? wha?!?!


beanblossom said...

Of course, *I* want to see the pervy pics.

Pervy Bean

QueenofQueens said...

Chia Children?

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