Monday, April 19, 2010

Mufynized Harajuku Nail Art

Ragamufyn Harajuku Nail Art

I love all things sparkly! I know... hard to imagine, right?

When I came across the nail art in the streets of Tokyo i was intrigued. I wanted my own. What's a girl to do? I made 'em myself.

These are the first nails I created and I anticipate they will not be my last.

Ragamufyn Harajuku Nail Art

I bought the shortest nails available (I think they said 'really short' on the packaging). The girl who sold them to me looked at me strangely and thought I was getting kids nails. For me, a girl who doesn't like long nails (I'm crafty! I need to use my fingers!), they were pretty perfect.

Ragamufyn Harajuku Nail Art

I only own a few colors of nail polish so I decided to use what I had. Acrylic paint. Just the regular kind you buy in the craft store. On went the layers of paint. Next I put on a top coat of clear nail polish. I added all the glitz with the same clear polish.

One thing I learned was that I should have let them dry overnight but I was JUST TOO EXCITED not to put them on.

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