Friday, February 19, 2010

Ragamufyn's Featured Etsy Shop of the Day!

'For Rylan, Love Mom'

For Rylan, Love Mom

Meet Quinn, my old roommate from back in our snowboard bumming around Snowmass days! Thanks to Facebook we still get to keep in touch and I found out she has started an Etsy shop, 'For Rylan, Love Mom'. I'm so excited she's sharing her craftiness with the whole world. She not only appliques these adorable recycled goods but just look at that colorful embroidery. Makes my day sunny for sure!

For Rylan, Love Mom
Here's what she has to say about it all...

I've been making all kinds of things my whole life. I am most passionate about sewing, crocheting and making semi-precious stone jewelry. For years, people have said, "You should sell this!" and I have been humble.

For Rylan, Love Mom

Now that I am a Mommy and staying at home with my 1-year-old son, Rylan, I have been taking advantage of nap times with a little craftiness. I have a large group of creative girlfriends who inspire and encourage me and the most wonderful husband to lend his support.

For Rylan, Love Mom

So Etsy came along and has made it so simple. Why wouldn't I sell my stuff? I hope you like it!

We sure do!
She's an Etsy Newbie so go get some 'For Rylan, Love Mom' goods and make her day!
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David said...

Her stuff looks awesome! Very cute.

Thanks for posting this.

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