Monday, June 23, 2008 wins cutest flippin' shop of the day.

ok. so there was no contest but wow(!)... i came across loranscruggs's etsy store in my evening perusal of the time machine numero dos and quickly fell in love. one of my favorite things is finding completely unexpected shops on etsy. sometimes it seems like everyone is making the same things... but not in this case. (although i haven't actually done a search on penny whistles... i doubt i would find a zillion sellers selling them.) in the enitire store there were only a few things in the store that i could see myself not buying. everything was just so flippin' cute!

i'm a big fan of this bubble gum pink vintage recycled soda bottle cap hula girl penny whistle!
(whew... say that three times fast.) crafts these adorable tin whimsical yum yums in the seattle area and will, i'm sure, continue to melt my heart from now until eternity with recycled happiness.

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