Friday, June 13, 2008

fun with recycled crafts


even though i am technically in tennessee i still wanted to share with you one of projects my kids did this past spring. i teach 5-11 years olds recycled crafts and theatre. we have loads of fun playing and creating some really fabulous stuff.

these flower vases were made using the glass jars that i am forever collecting. we used acrylic paint. one thing i wished i would have done was spray them with an acrylic clear glaze to protect them a little.

notice one of my students mixed their paint with water to create a translucent look. way cool. A+

*i promise i'll post bonnaroo stuff as soon as i get back*


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jane said...

I did that with my kindergarten students before. We had used plastic ice cream containers. But I asked the to plant something in so that it would hve further use and to encourage them to care for the environment. The kids had a grand time not only during the activity itself but days after it as they watched their plants grow. Thus, we had lots of lessons on those - English, science, math, art to name a few.

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