Monday, March 15, 2010

Move over... There's a New Dress in Town!

Sunshine Daydream Dress
We've all had a loooong winter.. even those of us from the Sunshine State.
What better way to welcome spring than a dress with the sun all over it?
Sunshine Daydream Dress
I created this dress from new t-shirts whose bottoms were miss-printed and would otherwise have ended up in the trash. The applique is also created using recycled t-shirt scraps. Comes in sizes xs-xl!

♥ There's one for every body! ♥

Get yours now in my Etsy shop.

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Nancy said...

Very cute!

Tessa said...

you gots to have a line at the recycled/green fashion show next spring. I will give you plenty of heads up and find models for you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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