Wednesday, October 15, 2008

catching up with life


yes. i've been busy... and not such a good blogger these days.

i've got so many updates to post and things to write about but it seems just not the time to do it right now so my life will have to be read about a little at a time and also a little behind schedule until i can catch up. so for now i leave you with a picture of book i found at a local thrift store. life is so much better now that i know it is in existence.

This weekend is the Miami Craft Market! It's an indie craft fair i am organizing at the Upper East Side Garden on US1 in Miami. It's packed full of handmade vendors and there is live music by 6 very talented local artists. add in an adult themed ice cream truck (Feverish Mobile Ice Cream Party) and free mini golf and you've got yourself a fabulous party!

hope to see you there!


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